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Mirza Teapot

Glazed porcelain teapot

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White glazed porcelain, wooden handle, aluminium lid, stainless steel filter.

Handmade in Hungary, traditional mould.

Its tail in the air, Mizra rushes up at the first whistling of the kettle, in a hurry to bring the comfort of tea or herbal tea to its owner. It is opened by lightly pushing forward the metal piece that blocks the lid; the tea or the leaves settle in the filter and then, drenched in boiling water, infuse.
Mirza has a coat, and not just one, quite a few; in this manner, it keeps the beverage hot in its bosom. To wash it, start by undressing it; once it is dry, put its coat back on, and in this case it frequently adopts an upright position, at a stand still, waiting for orders, seeking for a sign.

Length 25 cm (9.8")
Diameter 10 cm (3.1")
Color White
Material Porcelaine

T& Tsé associées is a French design company, one of the very rare ones to have remained independent from its launching in 1991. It was founded by two Parisian designers, Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy. This world-famous enterprise has two shops in Paris, one by the Louvre and the other in the Marais area. The Tsé & Tsé team, composed of less than ten people, masters the design of objects from their conception to their production and distribution. Prototypes are created in their workshop in the Bastille area of Paris, where certain items can be adapted to clients’ specific needs. Every object requires special research in finding the best quality manufacturers. Noble materials are used, according to traditional know-how, that favour quality and long life features for the objects. Because of this, lamps, dishes and furniture are made in small series, sometimes individually and rarely over 1000 items per year.

Every item is unique, and these differences are Tsé & Tsé’s inimitable signature. 

Designed in 1995, the Famished and Thirsty Collection has grown over the years. There are now dishes of all sizes, a pie plate and a special dish for fish, salad bowls, two gratin dishes, bowls and cups, goblets, a mazagran, a milk jug and even salad servers and... the teapot Mirza.

Made in porcelain, these pieces combine solidity and fineness. They are hand-cast items, built in a very traditional method. Each time they are cast, certain differences may appear, which are the expression of the unique character of each one of these items. Their “imperfections” are the sign of their originality and are not considered as defects.

The porcelain has a special, slightly blue tint. Porcelain is extremely impact resistant, but if a chip occurs, you can soften it with sandpaper (see our video on useful hints www.tse-tse.com).

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