Shipping costs

Orders are shipped within 2 business days after payment is received. Please look at the approximate delivery time below.

Shipping fees vary according to country destination.

Larger objects may be subject to additional shipping costs, and may not be deliverable to certain countries. (Please refer to the table below.)

Most orders are shipped via Colissimo Expert (signature required for delivery). We will send you an email with all the pertinent shipping information, allowing you to track your order.


Pays de livraisonObjets standards 2 (*) 3(*)Average carrier delivery time
France, Monaco 6,90€ 6,90€ 75€ J+2


Pays de livraisonObjets standards 2 (*) 3 (*)Average carrier delivery time
Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands 8,70€ 13,80€ J+4
Spain, UK, Italy, Gibraltar, San Marino 12,00€ 24,90€ J+4
Switzerland, Andorra, Jersey & Guernesey 10,00€ 20,75€ J+4
Austria, Ireland, Portugal 14,70€ 34,80€ J+5
Liechtenstein 15,00€ 33,25€ J+5
Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia,
Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
18,00€ 39,90€ J+5
Norway, Iceland 16,50€ 40,75€ J+6
Finland, Sweden, Greece, Romania 19,80€ 48,90€ J+6
Bulgaria, Cyprius, Malta 24,90€ J+7
Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Russia 25,90€ J+7
Réunion, Guadeloupe, Martinique 29,90€ J+7
USA, Canada 39,90€ J+8
Japan, Hong-Kong,
Korea, China, Singapore,
Australia, New Zealand, South Africa,
Lebanon, Israel, Kuwait,
United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia
45,90€ J+8
India, Thailand,
Malaysia, Taiwan, Viet Nam,
Cambodia, Brazil, Argentina,
Bolivia, Chile, Colombia,
Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru,
Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela

2* : Mirobolite Lamp, Celestial Vessel, Dismayed Lamp, Big Tournebrille lamp, Slim Stainless Steel Lightening, Puzzle Chair, Biplane Table

3* : Small and Big Mermaid Mirror