Manufacturing n.f.

The making of goods or products.


This portrait of making, shows the hand-crafted production of Tsé &Tsé pieces from behind the scenes.

 Everything was originally imagined and designed, the prototypes made and tested, in our Paris workshop at Bastille.

After that, top quality manufacturers need to be found for each object. The choice of fine materials favours know-how, quality and the lifespan of the objects.

 Our originality is our trademark. The authentic creation of Tsé&Tsé products is such that no object is exactly the same as another one. With its differences, each piece has its unique and singular character.  


Our Bastille workshop…

where objects are put together and finalised.

assembling tubes and metal frames of the April Vase, the classical.

Mirobolite in parts.

Mermaid mirror, made to order.

Staining the Biplane Table.

Lamps Cornets upright and ready for lighting.

At the porcelain factory (South West France).

Each plaster mould bears the name of its object.

A little technical information: porcelain is mostly a mixture of quartz, koalin, clay and water.

In its liquid form, porcelain – now called “slip” - is poured into moulds.

Then the mould is emptied…

… so as to retain only a fine layer of porcelain.

After more drying time, the still soft porcelain is unmoulded.

At this stage the soon-to-be object is still known as “raw”.

A Cornet in its “raw” state.

Before firing the Cornet can be gently perforated.

Then the pieces are put to dry.

The time has come for the kiln for a first slow firing, called “bisque firing”.

The “bisque fired pieces” are fragile and porous.

The pieces are then glazed and put back in a kiln at 1400°. Ready to come to you!

But how to get pieces with a matt finish - like Cornets and Igloos ?

They will be sent for a second firing (at 1400°) without glazing.

For pieces made in wood, the factory is in Charente-Maritime.

The veneer of different species of wood…

are compressed and heated in steel moulds.

Pieces in moulded wood are then tooled…

To form the seats of our chairs and our lamp stands…