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Tipsy Carafe

Blown Glass Carafe

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Blown glass carafe into an irregular form, 1 litre capacity (33,8 fl oz). Can also be used as a vase.

The Tipsy Carafe is mouth blown, made in the old fashion way by glassmakers in Eastern Europe.

Dishwasher safe.

Height 30 cm (11.8")
Model Tipsy Glassware
Diameter 9 cm (3.5")
Capacity 1 Litre (33,8 fl oz)
Color Transparent
Material Verre Soufflé

In spite of their names, the Tipsy Carafes and Glasses do not trip or wobble, and they love hearing laughter, whispers, and even passionate discussions that they do their best to keep alive. The silent echo of their conversation colors the air with a cheerful spirit, and even though they are mute, their cheeky character shines through their dancing lines, charming all guests.

And too ...