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The Airshaft, Zéphir

Column of Light

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The Airshaft is a novelty in lighting for September 2019 : a column of light designed to hang next to armchairs or in the corners of rooms it lights up majestically. A breath of air blows it around in circles, exposing its asymmetric sides. This slender, elongated lamp, with its stripes, polkadots, transparencies and plumetis, comes in two models, the white Zéphir and the contrasted Alizée.

The Airshafts are entirely made in france and assembled in our Parisian workshop

Height 180 cm
Diameter 32 cm
Color White
Material Coton

Three LED bulbs deliver 1200 Lumens of output (equivalent to more than 80 Watts for filament lamps).

Airshaft Manual : English