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The NON Perfumed Candle

100% Beeswax, 

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Beeswax is a source of constant pleasure. Before even lighting the wick, it is naturally fragrant. As the candle burns, the porcelain's transparency is revealed. Honey aromas vary from candle to candle depending on the pollen collected from different flowers.

The NON perfumed candle in pure beeswax contains no colouring, no solvent and no additives. Its flame dances longer and in a more healthy manner than those of its paraffine cousins. this 135-gramme candle burns for approximately 30 hours (you can make it last longer by putting it in the refrigerator before usage).

The beeswax comes from France and the porcelain candle holder is made in France.

Height 8.5 cm
Diameter 7 cm
Color White
Material Porcelaine

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